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This weekend much awaited, highly promoted, a action thriller movie "AGENT VINOD " released.
Expectations from the movie was big as it is saif's biggest project and it has johhny gaddar movie director shriram raghawan in it.
But the movie disappoints more and entertains less.
Saif ali khan 's good performance, some best action scenes, light comedy and awesome music are plus points of movie. Every other things goes against the movie.
The story of Agent
Vinod beings with a
secret agent Rajan (Ravi
Kishen) informing his
bosses in Indian
about a
number 242. Secret Agent Vinod
(Saif Ali Khan) goes to find
the secret behind the
number. Vinod gets to
the man named Abu
Nazar [Ram Kapoor], a
Russian money
launderer, who was
working against Indian. Vinod finds out
about an underworld
man in Moscow named
Mafiosi Kazan [Prem
Chopra], Mafiosi
also has a mysterious
Dr Ruby [Kareena
Kapoor]. Again, before
Agent Vinod can find
out what Mafiosi is up
to, he gets killed. Agent
Vinod travel around the
world and finds out
that the secret of number
242 is nuclear bomb. The journey of agent vinod continues to stop the nuclear bomb explosion and to find out the man behind it.
The major drawbacks of movie is it scripts, bad direction, worst performance by kareena kapoor, complicated journey, worst editing, and unwanted characters and scenes . The movie does not presented the characters well and created a confusion in the mind of viewers. If the movie was shorter in length it could have been in favour of it.
Performance wise Saif ali khan as a secret agent was outstanding but kareena kapoor disappoints wholly. All Songs are good, but the romantic song raabta has been used in a action scene looks like a foolish attempt. The pungi song must have been used in the movie but they didn't.
In a nuttshell it's a complicated and confusing story with a major loop holes

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