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Don 2 Movie review

Don 2

The first don released in 2006 was a remake of amitabh bachchan's classic of the same name with a slighty twists at the end of the film which give a plot for the sequel.
When you make a sequel of film like don, the expectation from the audiences goes high. The don 2 never let that down and it's above everyone's expectation.
Don 2 is an action thriller with full of twists and unpredictable moments. The movie clearly indentifies what it is about from the first scence which is don's wicked plans to rule over europe. It's difficult to predict plans of don untill he himself not discloses.

In the movie there is not a single moment when you feel bored. The story line is very fast paced. The action sequences by matthias balsch are mind blowing and don't come across as fake or forced into the plot especially the car chase sequence which is top of the world. Background score is stupendous and so is cinematography. There is only a single song in the movie.

The performance of Shah rukh khan as don is epic. No words for it. Shah rukh khan performance defines wat the really acting mean. He had proved it again that he is the most versatile actor of bollywood. His expression, voice and look were outstanding. His long hair and his entry sequence is unmissable. The one liners which shah rukh khan delievers is exceptional.

The priyanka chopra's as Roma performance is not convincing but the chemistry with srk is electrifing. Her interaction and relationship with Don is quite interesting.
Laru dutta and kunal are just okay.

Boman Irani's is awesome as vardhaan.
Om puri not delighted much.
There is nothing more for sahil shroff in the movie.
The hrithik roshan's cameo was an surprise which doesn't interrupt the flow of the story.

The man who had made this possible is farhan akhtar, a faboulous job by him after almost five years.

The Don 2 is again and again watch movie. Everytime you watch you will find something new. A amazing Christhmas and new year it will be.

Rating - 4.5/5