The story of gali gali chor hai is about Bharat (akshay khanna) , who is a part time
cashier and part time
"Hanuman" at
Ramleela, residing in
the city of Bhopal
with his father
Shivnarayan (satish kaushik). Bharat
is married to Nisha a
schoolteacher, loving
and caring but
doubting wife. The
small and happy
family lives with a
forced upon guest
Amita, a young,
beautiful girl who
works at a call
center. Bharat wants
to graduate from his
role as 'Hanuman' to
'Lord Ram' someday
which is being
portrayed by Sattu
Thripati, younger
brother of MLA
Manku Thripati, both
having individual
problems with him.
The story that
follows is about how
an ordinary fan of
everyday usage
meant at providing a
cool air on hot
days, turns Bharats
life into a lots of problems aiming to show the corrupt system
The story of the movie starts gud, but as the story proceeds it's become dull, boring and sleepy movie.
The script is very dull, the fan incident is ridicolous, Can't able to link with the subject to show the corrupt system. The screenplay, direction , songs everything is patheic, even the performances of actors is also very bad. The movie had a gud subject to elabborate but can't able to do that.
A must Skip movie.

0.5rate 2

Snack's 1967