Teya Salat

Funny interview with Akshay kumar

Reporter- When will you start your movie open a time in mumbai again promotions ?
Akshay kumar- Yesterday i had already started doing the promotions for it in edens garden. Haven't you saw me there ?
Reporter- Yesterday, my eyes is on shahrukh khan only. He was looking stunning as always. Isn't he ?
Akshay kumar- Yes he is. But kuch hamari tariff bhi kar dijiye aap ?
Reporter- Sir, i loved your Joker movie very much. Don't you think it deserved to get into oscar to take revenge against english citizen ?
Akshay kumar- I have always tried to give oscar kind of movies, first Tees maar khan, then joker and this year also i have a planning for it.
Reporter- You have never supported kKR in IPL. Any problem with srk ?
Akshay kumar- No, i am always supporter of SRk and his team. You know i am a panauti whichever team i support always losses. So previous year i supported pune and this year Delhi, so that Kkr can win easily.
Reporter- Yesterday you were present in the stadium as you said but why did the camera haven't spotted you ?
Akshay kumar- I think it's mainly due to sonakshi sinha. She was sitting besides me. Even her forehead couldn't fitted on camera so i was not spotted.
Reporter-Sir, last question what did you think your movie clashing with Chennai express? Don't you think it's an suicide attempt?
Akshay kumar- Please don't ask me this question. When i heard this news first time I was in toilet nearly 10 days. (Some noise comes from akshay kumar backs and he runs to toilet)
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